Roland SH-101 Synthesizer

Roland SH-101

In 1982, just as the synth market was moving towards ever greater polyphony and preset capability, Roland took a bit of a sideway step and produced a small 32 key, monophonic, single oscillator analog synthesizer and called it the Roland SH-101. Compared to a lot of the notable monophonic synthesisers gracing many a keyboard wizards […]

Roland Jupiter-8

Roland Jupiter-8

The Jupiter 8 (aka JP-8) easily ranks up amongst the greats in the annals of synthesizer history. Produced between 1981–1985, the Jupiter-8 with its 8 voice polyphony featuring 16 analog oscillators (2 per voice), was Roland’s Flagship synthesizer during the height of the synth pop revolution in the first half of the 1980s. The Jupiter […]

Roland JX3P Synthesizer

Roland JX-3P

The Roland  JX-3P is a six-note polyphonic, 61 key synthesizer manufactured from 1983-85 which featured an on-board 128-step sequencer. A slightly modified rack-mount version called the MKS-30 was also available.  It has 32 factory programs in ROM, and storage for user memory for 32 programs. The JX-3P was originally aimed more towards players who wanted the convenience of […]