Yamaha DX7 synthesizer

Yamaha DX7

The arrival of the Yamaha DX7 in 1983 heralded a brand new form of synthesizer. It was the first commercially successful digital synthesizer and introduced a whole new type of synthesis call Frequency Modulation (FM). Before the DX7 most commercially available Synthesizers had used mainly subtractive synthesis where an oscillator generated waveform was attenuated by […]

Sequential Circuits Prophet-5

Sequential Circuits Prophet 5

Arguably amongst one of the most important synths ever produced, the Sequential Circuits Prophet-5 is a 5 voice polyphonic analog synthesizer and is one of the first polyphonic analog synthesizers with patch memory. Designed and manufactured between 1978 and 1984, about 6,000 units were produced in three revisions by Dave Smith and John Bowen. Originally called the “Model 1000”, the […]

Roland Jupiter-8

Roland Jupiter-8

The Jupiter 8 (aka JP-8) easily ranks up amongst the greats in the annals of synthesizer history. Produced between 1981–1985, the Jupiter-8 with its 8 voice polyphony featuring 16 analog oscillators (2 per voice), was Roland’s Flagship synthesizer during the height of the synth pop revolution in the first half of the 1980s. The Jupiter […]

Roland JX3P Synthesizer

Roland JX-3P

The Roland  JX-3P is a six-note polyphonic, 61 key synthesizer manufactured from 1983-85 which featured an on-board 128-step sequencer. A slightly modified rack-mount version called the MKS-30 was also available.  It has 32 factory programs in ROM, and storage for user memory for 32 programs. The JX-3P was originally aimed more towards players who wanted the convenience of […]